TriggerPoint STK® Sleek
TriggerPoint STK® Sleek
TriggerPoint STK® Sleek

TriggerPoint STK® Sleek

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The STK® Sleek Massage Stick helps improve flexibility and optimize movement as it compresses and rolls across muscles. Its AcuGRIP® surface provides moderate compression and grips the skin, while rolling decreases muscle tension and improves circulation. The lightweight design is travel friendly, so you can take it wherever you go.

● Lightweight, portable massage stick designed with Acura silicone surface to effectively grip skin while rolling and release
tight and sore muscles
● Slim, ergonomic handles make it easy to control and leverage pressure for targeting hard to reach muscle knots
● Engineered for user controlled pressure to reduce muscle soreness and increase circulation for quick muscle recovery
after a workout or recovering from an injury
● Can be used either seated or standing, to massage lower and upper body muscle groups, including calf, hamstring,
quadriceps, and back to improve mobility
● Compact and travel-friendly at 2 inch width x 18 inch length, 1 pound
● Sweat-proof and easy-to-clean material
● Backed by 1 year manufacturer's warranty