About Us

The Sweat Shop is a specialist running store group, founded in 1976, with stores in Johannesburg, Centurion and Cape Town. Our approach is customer-focused and our expert staff will spend one-on-one time with you to perform an appropriate analysis that allows us to help you find gear that fits your needs. We cover a wide variety of footwear options and sizes, and stock a range of sports gear in-store.

Our staff have ‘walked the talk’ or more likely ‘run the run’ with well over 400 marathons and ultras between us. We are here to provide advice and guidance.

We liaise closely with our stocked brands and are thus privy to research and development of shoes, performance clothing and accessories from around the world. By attending workshops hosted around the world we gain insights into trends in markets in Europe, Australia and the Americas. The interaction with both specialist retailers from around the world and staff of and consultants to our international partners enables us to both get ahead of the curve as well as reject the unsubstantiated.