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Specialist stores for running and shoe fittings since 1976.

Welcome to The Sweat Shop, where every step you take is met with expertise and passion.

Our staff are more than just employees; they are the heartbeat of our store, dedicated to helping you reach your running goals. With a wealth of knowledge and a love for the sport, they're not just salespeople, but fellow runners who understand the needs and desires of every athlete.

From finding the perfect pair of running shoes to providing advice on training, injury prevention, and the latest gear, our team is here to ensure that your running experience is unparalleled.

Come meet our staff and let them guide you on your journey to achieving your personal best!

  • Every Day Mileage

    These shoes are ideal for both beginner and experienced runners who want to head out and rack up some miles.

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  • Tempo Run and Race Day

    Whether it's the time you put in training or the thrill of race day, these shoes have you covered.

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  • Trail Running

    Choose the unpaved path and enjoy the great outdoors. Experience unlimited comfort on the most uncomfortable terrain.

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