No need to give up your day job!

Don't Give Up Your Day Job!

Don't give up your day job!

Don't give up, the Autumn (Spring here) Marathon season in full swing we mortals are in awe of the incredible times being recorded by the elite athletes (whom we presume to be professional athletes). Dig a bit deeper and you may be surprised that not all these elite athletes are full time athletes or even close!

In London last week Dr Phil Sesemann, a junior doctor in the British NHS, ran a debut marathon of 2:12:59. The world’s fastest doctor? No South Africa’s Dr Ferdi Le Grange ran 2:12:47 way back in April 1974 in Port Elizabeth to win the SA Open Marathon Championship.

Dr Phil Sesemann, London Marathon 2021

Don't give up your day job! prize for the world’s fastest working stiff probably belongs to Yuki Kawauchi, a school administrator working a 40 hr week job in Japan. With a PB of 2:08:14 (has also run 2:08:15!). The winner of the Boston Marathon in 2018 in 2:15:58 in arctic-like conditions has also managed to run a mind boggling 81 sub 2:20 marathons including 26 sub 2:12 marathons.

It’s about time management. The late Dr Ron Hill (PhD Textile Chemistry) the second man to break 2:10 used to run to and from work. Plan your time and you too can be reasonably competitive.

Train smart, stay safe and we’ll see you on the road and maybe even on the podium.

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