Which shoe is best for you – a quick guide

Which shoe is best for you

Which shoe is best for you?. There are two easy ways of assessing your foot type. The first is to make an imprint of your wet foot on a blank flat surface – use a sheet of paper. Check your footprint against those in the figure below.

Secondly, put your worn shoes side by side on a flat surface and look at the shape they are in, again comparing with the diagram.

If you are a Type A, it means you are an over-pronator. You require a rigid shoe; straight or slightly curved in shape with lots of motion control. Most models in our stability range will be a good fit. (Shoes best for you)

If you are a Type C, it means you are an under-pronator. You require a curved shoe, lots of cushioning and flexibility. Most models in our neutral range will be suitable. (Shoes best for you)

If you are a Type B you can wear a variety of running shoes. Either neutral or stability will be good for you. Congratulations, now you have an idea of your biomechanics, almost there, only a few more boxes to tick. 


More about your foot –

Wide foot



 Normal foot



 Narrow foot



Arch – High






 Flat Foot




More about your running –

Short - to 21km



Middle - to 42 km



Ultra – 50 +



Road Running










More about you - 

Heavy  - 80kg +



Medium  60-80kg



Light  - up to 60kg




Are you a novice – been running for less than two years.











You now have enough knowledge to make your considered online purchase. From the Sweat Shop and RunnersGuide, we wish you all the best with your next shoe purchase. Need more information? Read this.

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