Acceleration Trainer
Acceleration Trainer Acceleration Trainer, first step speed are critical components of any sport. Using proven overload and release training methods, the Acceleration Trainer helps athletes at all levels build first step quickness and top-end speed. Build new speed and power...
R 900.00
Accelerator Pro
Accelerator Pro Accelerator Pro lets you practice key putt lengths on a true-roll surface. Precise alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet assist every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, back swing, and follow through –...
R 1,250.00
Balance Pods
Balance Pods Balance Pods designed to increase difficulty, improve stability, and strengthen core muscles, the Balance Pods can be used for a variety of static and dynamic movements. Use while on hands, knees, and feet during workouts that incorporate stability...
R 475.00
Court Vision
Court Vision   Court Vision dribble goggles help players of all levels develop better ball control and court awareness in their  basketball game. The goggles partially obscure peripheral vision, forcing the player to handle the ball with their head up...
R 200.00
Dribble Stick
Dribble Stick Dribble Stick ideal for coaches and players of all levels, the Dribble Stick is a basketball trainer that helps improve hand positioning, stance, and speed. Uniquely designed, the four fully adjustable arms allow users to perform a variety...
R 1,500.00
Elevation Ladder
Elevation Ladder Elevation Ladder is unlike a traditional training ladder, the SKLZ Elevation Ladder is designed to have the flexibility of a flat ladder as well as an elevated ladder. This unique feature allows coaches, teams, and individuals to perform...
R 625.00
Fielding Trainer
Fielding Trainer Fielding Trainer designed to provide players with three distinct balls returns: grounders, line drives, and fly balls, the Fielding Trainer is a must-have training device for improving field skills. Instantly go from fielding grounders to catching line drives...
R 2,250.00
Gold Flex
R 1,350.00
Gold Flex
Gold Flex Gold Flex  golf swing trainer is designed to improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. The exaggerated flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing by keeping your hands and arms extended. This creates power to help you bomb...
R 1,350.00
Golden Touch
Golden Touch Golden Touch soccer training ball develops technique and ball control by focusing on smaller target during training. Official size 3 ball with official size 5 weight mimics the bounce, roll and reaction of a match ball to improve...
R 494.00
Grip Trainer
Grip Trainer Grip Trainer attaches to any club and fits all hand sizes, to correct and instill muscle memory for proper hand positioning and grip. And small enough to easily fit in your bag, it’s perfect for pre-round or any...
R 195.00
Hinger Trainer
Hinger Trainer Hinger Trainer is a premium full swing training aid designed to help set the correct hinge position at the top of your backswing. With the help of the training aid players can work on having a more consistent...
R 399.00
Hit-A-Way Baseball
Hit-A-Way Baseball   Hit-A-Way Baseball is designed to aid in the development of swing and stance mechanics. Ideal for players of all levels, the trainer helps improve timing and player confidence. Featuring a tethered ball and cord that quickly attaches...
R 725.00
Home Driving Range Kit
Home Driving Range Kit Home Driving Range Kit includes a 7’ practice net, 12 limited-flight Impact  Golf Balls, Launch Pad with rough and fairway lies and a 1” and 2” rubber tees. Practice drives, irons, wedges and chips without having...
R 2,999.00
Impact Golf Balls
Impact Golf Balls Impact Golf Balls are a regulation-sized training golf ball perfect for a variety of practice applications. Constructed with proprietary pop-back technology, Impact Golf Balls are indestructible and resistant to dents, lasting much longer than traditional plastic golf...
R 225.00
Jump Rope
R 250.00
Jump Rope
Jump Rope Jump Rope train speed, quickness and endurance with this durable jump rope. With padded grips, a center mounted swivel, the Jump Rope is a simple approach to get more results from your training.  Exceptional value, durable jump rope...
R 250.00
Kick Out
R 695.00
Kick Out
Kick Out The SKLZ Kick Out is a unique basketball return system that returns the ball right to you after each shot. Featuring a 360° chute that sends back shots made anywhere on the court, the Kick Out makes individual...
R 695.00
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